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Dear trader from Lampung

Heartly welcome to Qoriah’s Onlineshop and Business site.

My mission as trader placed in Bunga Mayang ,Lampung Utara area is to rise up the local economy.

To be part of the digital world and positioning in the online business getting more and more important.

I will give support for ideas and opportunities to rise up your businnes.

Especially the get a good position in world of e-commerce and get part of a great online market place.

beside prepare future technics in online sale i don’t forget the traditionally trade.

A big network will make your business more strong.

Travelling through europe gave me a lot of inspiration to transfer knowledge to support your business.

Also there are many business opportunities to bring and etablish in your region.

Let us get in contact and talk about your chances !

Best wishes

Ms. Qoriah